Mazatlan Sport Fishing with ‘Hook Up To’


Planning to go Sport Fishing? We provide everything you need for sportfishing, bottom fishing, or any kind of fishing! Our boat is equipped with tackle, bait, ice chest, porta-potty, life jackets and much more for all your fishing needs. Just bring whatever you want to eat or drink during your fishing trip. The boat leaves the dock at 6:30 AM and returns to the dock at 12:30 PM for Bottom Fishing, and 2:30 PM for Deep Sea Fishing. We clean your fish and can suggest good restaurants happy to cook it for you. There is nothing tastier than a fish straight from the water to the frying pan! Or maybe you want to go fishing so you can freeze some fish and take it home. The possibilities are endless. Our 27’ Super Panga is equipped with everything you need to make the fishing trip of a lifetime. We have two new 60 HP Mercury motors to get you out to the fishing grounds fast. We use the best gear for both Deep Sea fishing and Bottom fishing. Our Captain “Zorro” has been sport fishing in these waters for almost 60 years! He knows all the best fishing spots, the best gear to fish with, and the best bait for successful fishing! Zorro speaks both Spanish and English and of course we have a fishing mate on board to help you bring all your fish on board.


Most people can only experience Mazatlán sport fishing once or twice a year and they often travel thousands of miles to do so. That makes it crucial that everything goes to plan, so it only makes sense to go with the most efficient and reliable boat along with the two top captains in the Mazatlán sport fishing industry for that trip. Our boat “HOOK UP TO” is a pristine 27′ Super Panga with two new motors. Combine that with two of the most experienced professionals in the Mazatlán sport fishing industry. Mike has 50 years experience in Canada and over 29 years in Mazatlán sport fishing, and Zorro has over 50 years experience right here in Mazatlán. We import and use the BEST tackle available for the job so you can land the big ones. We have our own bait and do not put the cost of buying it on our clients. Our purpose in life is to partake and share in the fun and the excitement of Mazatlán sport fishing. “Hook Up To” will reward you with one of the greatest sport fishing experiences you will have in the Sea of Cortez.

The government requires that every person fishing must have a fishing license. The license is $12 USD and we have them on board for you.